What are the known issues (bugs)?
  • The field discard mechanic is not developed, they are being added to the hidden pile.
  • If a player can only ship because of their wharf and they pick captain, they get a bonus point even if they then pass using their wharf.
 What improvements are already planned?
  • Turn optimization in that the system will automatically skip turns that have nothing to do or it will automatically take turns that have only one option. This is already implemented for a couple roles but many more still need this.
  • Player summaries that when a player name is clicked information about their games played is viewable.
  • Replace the place holder graphics.
  • Vacation mode to let other players know that turns won't be taken until a certain date.
  • Many, many more.
 What is the asterisk next to a players name?
  • The asterisk indicates that the player has not yet completed 10 games. They are still considered new and will not show on the rankings page.
 How are ratings determined?
  • Ratings are determined by the place of finish based on the number of players. It is [(players - finish) / (players - 1)]. If players tie, the ratings will be averaged. The following table shows the values for non-ties.
Finish5 Players4 Players3 Players
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